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What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine combines safe and effective traditional therapies with the most current advances in modern medicine. Trained as a general practitioner, I work with patients to treat everything from simple colds and flu's to adjunctive care for cancer. Naturopathic medicine has effective treatments for numerous diseases including cardiovascular disease, endocrine disorders, allergies, autoimmune diseases, lung diseases, digestive problems, diabetes, bladder and vaginal infections. Because I identify and treat the underlying cause of disease and assist you in removing obstacles to health, I have been successful with hard to treat disease syndromes such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, migraines, skin disorders, ADHD and "undiagnosable" symptoms. With a focus on prevention, I evaluate and suggest diet and lifestyle changes to avoid developing health problems and resolve early symptoms.

Treatment plans often focus on diet and lifestyle suggestions, supported by nutritional and herbal supplements. Physical therapy and homoeopathy are also used. If necessary, referrals for pharmaceuticals and surgery may also be suggested and I will work in conjunction with an M.D. for a comprehensive treatment plan. Licensed N.D.'s are trained in pharmaceutical prescription and herb-drug interactions, know when to refer for prescriptions in non-licensed states and can help decrease their side effects.

The principles of naturopathic medicine are part of what distinguishes the naturopathic approach to health care from the conventional approach and are based on objective observation of the nature of health and disease. The following principles are the foundation of naturopathic medical practice: